How to Pack Fragile Items When Moving House

You will need to pack your glassware and other fragile items in a safe manner if you plan to move them to a new house. You can do this by labelling them and wrapping them with correctly in a way to protect your valuable items. Packaging is normally split in two, that is outer packing and inner packaging. Outer packaging should have a certain puncture and compression strength in order to effectively protect fragile items from damage. Inner packaging is focused on cushioning the inner items, the items you want to protect; this is done by using readily available packing material to preserve the condition of the item from vibration and collision during transportation. If you are packing your glassware yourself, you should use packing material that would absorb shocks during transit and help secure it to prevent them from getting damaged. Read on to learn more about how to pack glassware safely and follow this guide to make moving your expensive fragile items easier and safer.

Use Lots of Bubble Wrap

If you’re moving house and have a lot of delicate items, you should use lots of bubble wrap to protect them. This is an inexpensive product and makes an easy way to protect fragile items; it is especially useful when you’re packing fragile items such as your expensive styling vases. To wrap vases or any decor that is fragile, use several sheets of bubble wrap pieces individually. You can also secure the bubble wrap bundle with packing tape to ensure items do not unravel and fall out. You can also use newspaper to protect your fragile items during transit.

Newspaper Can Make a Difference

Scrunching of newspaper or any scrap paper or magazine is a common technique that can help prevent breakage of fragile items. As pages of the newspaper are scrunched, they form volume and make a great source of cushioning required to better protect. Newspaper is not only common but also cheap so is ideal for any moving process as we all understand that relocating is never cheap.

Innovation of Packing Air bags

A great form of inner packaging to utilize when packing for a long distance house move that I learnt from Wellington movers is to harness the innovation of air-filled bags. This product was only introduced in recent years and does a fantastic job in cushioning all kinds of fragile items in various shapes and sizes. Packing air bags can be divided into air-filled packing bags and wrap air bags. Essentially they provide a great level of cushioning and fill empty gaps between the carton and the item you want to protect.

Durable Box and Cartons

The last thing you want to happen is for your mover to lift the box and have your expense vintage porcelain vase fall out through the bottom due to the use of a dodgy box you picked up at the local fruit and veg store. 

Labelling Fragile Items

When you’re packing your fragile items, labelling them with a visible red marker pen can make unpacking much easier. You’ll have a clear indication for family members and friends that the box contains delicate items. If you’re moving with movers, label them all the way around, so they know which side to turn the box over. This will ensure that you don’t have to spend valuable time repacking breakables later on.

Using Quality Packing Tape

Proper packing tape is important because it can guarantee cartons won’t fall apart, bubble wrap is not going to unravel and ensures items stay where they are meant to be. Craft and office sticky tape is best kept for administrative purposes and should be left out of the packing process.

Packing fragile items during a move doesn’t have to be complicated; no doubt there will be many of us who have collected beautiful pieces over the years that make a statement in our homes. It doesn’t mean we have to part with them when relocating, as you can see there are a number of ways we can help protect our fragile items during transit and using a combination of these together can ensure that there are no unsuspected surprises when unpacking and restyling your new home.